Saturday, November 28, 2015

Esther Noriega Inspired Gown

I created this dress for the Versus Casting Call.  Applicants must create a styling based on Esther Noriega's new and impressive spring/summer collection. While viewing her collection, I immediately fell in love with her gold leaves and coral gown. 

So, the search was on.  I took the coral skirt from VLC's dress Sophia.  I took the gold leaves from CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture's Nude Beauty - Formal MVW14 Puerto Rico.  The front leaves only covered the breasts, so I moved the back leaves to the front to cover the midriff.  There was still too much skin showing.  Because these parts were no copy and no mod, I had to buy another dress to get another set.  I placed the second set to get better coverage, but still too much skin showing.  Because of the contour of the pieces, buying another set would not have work. Think, think, think.  How can I get better coverage.  Then it hit me, a strapless top from another dress or a corset from lingerie.  So, I started trying on everything gold in my inventory.  Not too far down the list, I found the perfect top; the top from the BaileeRose Winter Ballgown by Heth Haute Couture. 

Whoosh, with the hard part done, it was time for the fun part; accessorizing.  First was hair.  I noticed that all the models had a loose updo.  To match the hair style of the models, I went with ARGrace's Yui in Classy Brown.  Next, was looking for jewelry.  I found the Autumn Leaves collection in gold by Krystal.  The collections has a necklace, earrings, and a crown.  I didn't think a crow was appropriate for this dress, so I turned it so that it looked like a headband.  I then added the Precious Rose Ring in gold by Krystal; since it was so close in style to the Autumn Leaves collection.  To polish off the look, I added Laria Gold high heeled sandals by Carrie's.

I also noticed that this fashion show had a musical theme.  There were string players providing live music.  All of the models had either a bass clef earring, treble clef earring, or a musical staff necklace.  To incorporate the musical theme, I decided to play the violin.

For the background, I wanted to incorporate the music theme and color palette of her collection; coral, turquoise, gold, red, and white.  I was lucky to find this great background of musical notes in turquoise, coral, and gold on a white background.

Style Card

Top Gold Leaves - CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture  - Nude Beauty - Front and Back Ornament
Under Top - Heth Haute Couture - BaileeRose Top - Gold
Skirt - *VLC* - Sophia
Crown - Krystal - Autumn Leaves - Gold
Earrings - Krystal - Autumn Leaves - Gold
Necklace - Krystal - Autumn Leaves - Gold
Ring - Krystal  - Precious Rose Ring - Gold
Shoes - Carrie's - Laria Gold Slink Shoes

Hair - ARGrace - Yui - Classy Brown
Make-Up - Carrie's - Kitten Full Make-Up - Coral
Eyes - IKON - Sunrise Eyes - Azure
Eyelashes - WoW Skins - Lashes 1
Eyebrows - [eStyle] - Quartz Eyebrows
Hands - Slink - Elegant1
Feet - Slink - High
Shape - [eStyle] - Quartz - Modified
Skin - Akeruka - Blanca - Tan Cleavage Mk2

[evoLove] poses - Violin and Bow
[evoLove] poses - pose - The Violinist
[gi inc] - Auto Focus 2.1

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