Thursday, February 16, 2017

Vengeful Threads - Helm of Odin(Genre) and Gaia Makeup(Applique)

Vengeful Threads has put out more fantastic role play items for Genre and Applique.  This month's theme for Genre is Vikings.  Vengeful Threads has created the Helm of Odin.  This unisex necklace comes in gold, silver, and copper.  This necklace has a large link chain with a pendant made of two birds with turquoise eyes atop a medallion with Nordic runes.  For  Applique, Vengeful Threads created Gaia.  This make up is made up of multi-toned green leaves around each eye, delicate 3D leaves that attach to the face around the eyes, and matching green lipstick.

Style CardOutfit
Necklace - Vengeful Threads - Helm of Odin ( Genre 2/15-3/1)
Makeup -  Vengeful Threads - Gaia  ( Applique 2/10-2/27)
Horns - LOoLOo - Forest Fae
Wings - Dark Matter - Borealis Wings Type N

Hair - Parallex View - Puck
Eyes - IKON - Sunrise - Verdigris
Skin - LOoLOo - Forest Fae
Shape - eStyle - Quartz - Modified

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