Saturday, February 11, 2017

Vengeful Threads - Flutterby Facepaint and Passion Heart Lip Ring

Vengeful Threads is celebrating Spring with its new Flutterby Facepaint and Passion Heart Lip Ring for The Chapter Four Event running February 4-18.

Flutterby is beautiful exotic facepaint done in the wonderful tropical colors of the world's most stunning butterflies.  Flutterby comes in Aqua, Green, Magenta, Monarch, Purple, and Rainbow.  Flutterby comes with tattoo layers and appliers for Omega and Catwa.

The Passion Heart Lip Ring is a gold lip ring with a central ring covered in gemstones, a heart filled with gemstones centered on the ring, and lyre shaped scrolls coming off the ring on each side.  The gemstones come in red and pink.  This lip ring can be worn by standard avatars, mesh heads, and Bento mesh heads(Bento rigged lip ring).

Style Card
Lip Ring - Vengeful Threads - Passion Heart Lip Ring  (The Chapter Four Event 2/4-2/18)
Eyemakeup -  Vengeful Threads - Flutterby Facepaint (The Chapter Four Event 2/4-2/18)
Horns - Kishi Creations - Moria Horns - Orange
Crown - Zuri - Zahra Floral Crown - Burnt Fire Opal - Gold

Hair - DeLa - Charlene - Amazing Pack
Eyes - IKON - Sunrise Eyes - Light Lincan Gold
Lipstick - Ricielli - Lipsticks 11/11
Skin - Akeruka - Blanca - Tan Cleavage Mk1
Shape - eStyle - Quartz - Modified

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