Friday, October 28, 2016

B. Barbie Style - Glint - Vengeful Threads

Whether it be Halloween, Role Play or just some good Gothic attire, B. Barbie Style, Glint, and Vengeful Threads have some great new items.

B. Barbie Style has a new outfit called Lillith.  This outfit is a form fitting strapless mermaid style gown with a pattern of black spiders with black and white webs.  Lillith has black wings with a similar patter of spiders and webs in white.  Lillith comes in a black gown with black wings and a red gown with black wings.  Lillith comes with fitted versions for Maitreya Lara and TMP bodies.

B. Barbie Style has created a Unisex Demon Kiss Lip Piercing.  This piercing comes in silver with two bars going over the lips attaching to a demon head.  The demon head then attaches to two silver round studs just under the lips with chains.

Glint's Beaded & Gemmed Creepy Things Necklace is a double stranded necklace consisting of black cord with black and silver beads.  The pendant on the shorter strand is a silver spider with ruby accents and the pendant on the longer strand is a silver skull with ruby eyes.

Glint's Beaded Spider Bracelet and Ring w/ Color Change Set is a series of stacked bead strands with a black spider with gold and white accents.  The beads come with a texture changing HUD with 33 different color choices

Glint's Morticia's Pet is a large black spider with gold and white diamond accents.  This pet is the perfect accent for your dark attire.

For the Mad Circus Event, Vengeful Threads has created the Along Came A Spider Nosering Gacha -  this nosering is a replica of a spider and comes in 9 colors:  6 common and 3 rare.

Vengeful Threads has made the Possession Mesh Eye Set for the TWE12VE Event.  This set of eyes comes in six different colors:  red, aqua, fire, green, void, and purple.

Style Card
Gown - B Barbie - Lillith - Red
Necklace - Glint - Beaded & Gemmed Creepy Things Necklace
Bracelet - Glint - Beaded Spider w/ Color Change
Ring - Glint - Beaded Spider Ring w/ Color Change
Lip Piercing -  B Barbie - Unisex Demon Kiss Lip Piercing
Nose Ring - Vengeful Threads - Spider Nosering - Black
Spider - Glint - Morticia's Pet
Hair - A&A - Elvira - Jetblack
Eyebrows - eStyle - Quartz
Eyelashes - WoW Skins - Lashes 2
Eyes - Vengeful Threads - Mesh Possession Eyes - Red
Make-up - Carrie's - B.I.T.C.H. Full Make-up - Graphite
Nails - Vengeful Threads - Skullz Galore Nails
Hands - Slink - Elegant1
Feet - Slink - High
Shape - eStyle - Quartz - Modified
Skin - Akeruka -Blanca - Tan Cleavage Mk1

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