Friday, August 5, 2016

Vengeful Threads - Nosferatu Nose Ring

                                                   Dark Silver                                      Nite

Vengeful Threads' new accessory is Nosferatu Nose Ring.  This nose ring attaches with a simple circular ring.  At the bottom of the ring near your lips is the head of Nosferatu with ruby eyes.  This nose ring comes in two colors:  dark silver and nite.  Nosferatu means vampire. Nosferatu is the title of a silent movie released in 1922.  It became one of the most influential masterpieces of cinema and one of the all time great horror classics.

Style CardOutfit
Outfit - Vengeful Threads - Nosferatu Nose Ring

Hair - DeLa - Beatrix - Amazing Pack
Eyebrows - eStyle - Quartz
Eyelashes - WoW Skins - Lashes 2
Eyes - Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eye Stormy Blue
Make-up - Dulce Secrets - Legion Purple Make-up
Eye Shadow - F&TJ - Blue Blossom Eye Shadow
Lipstick - Kaylithium - Nyxia Lipstick - Blue
Lipstick - F&TJ - Dark As Night Lipstick
Shape - eStyle - Quartz - Modified
Skin - Akeruka -Blanca - Tan Cleavage Mk1

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