Thursday, March 10, 2016

Audace Model of the Month Competition - March - St. Patrick's Day

When I think of St. Patrick's Day and Ireland, there are certain images that come to mind.  Irish by Champagne!Sparkling Fashion has all those wonderful symbols.  Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle and Irish is done in a rich emerald green. Its long flowing emerald green skirt is like the rolling hills of the island.  St. Patrick taught the people of Ireland about the Catholic religion with the shamrock.  The Holy Trinity: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit are one like the three leaves of the shamrock.  The focal point of this beautiful gown is a large emerald green and gold shamrock back piece embellished with gems the color of the Irish flag.  The body of Irish is wild and rugged like Ireland with its twisted and tangled foliage with its lush green leaves.  The belt is the world famous claddagh ring; which stands for love, loyalty, and friendship like the lovely people of Ireland. 

And we can't forget The Luck of the Irish.  This set of jewelry by Zuri's is pure elegance.  The necklace, earrings and bracelet follow a motif of a large and small pear shaped dark green peridot surrounded by small light green round peridots with exquisite filigree work done in a dark bronze accented with round green boulder opals; suspended delicately by strands of olive and green pearls held together with flat round green boulder opals.

To complete the look is Tentations by Orchidea.  These lovely emerald green high heel sandals have elegant lacing up the leg to the knee and tie delicately in bows in the back.

Style Card

Outfit - CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture  - IRISH
Jewelry - Zuri's - The Czarina Jewels - Luck of the Irish Set
Shoes - Orchidea - Tentations - Green

Hair - A&A - Raniela - Russet
Eyebrows - WoW Skins - Brow Shape
Eyelashes - WoW Skins - Lashes 2
Eyes - IKON - Sunrise - Celtic Green
Make-up - Carrie's - Cat Full Make-up - Fields
Freckles - WoW Skins - More Freckless Tattoo
Nails - ZOZ - Spring 2014 Gold
Hands - Slink - Elegant1
Feet - Slink - High
Skin - WoW Skins - Sahra - Tan 2016
Shape - eStyle - Quatrz - Modified

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