Sunday, January 31, 2016

Vengeful Threads - Shi

If your style is goth, vamp, rocker, punk, or you just like leather then Shi by Vengeful Threads is for you.  The flexible multi-piece outfit will help you obtain the perfect look.  The leather bustier top has spaghetti straps and two vertical rows of square studs.  There is also a torn netted addition for the top.  The form fitting low-waisted leather pants are adorned with a row of square studs around the waist.  Shi comes with a pair of black leather stiletto boots with a cuff of square studs.  Matching the boots is a pair of squared studded, black leather wrist bands. Omega appliers included.

Style Card

Top - Vengeful Threads - Shi Noir Leather Tank with Fishnet
Pants - Vengeful Threads - Shi Noir Leather Pants
Boots - Vengeful Threads - Shi Platform Boots Noir
Bracelets - Vengeful Threads - Silver Triple Spiked Bracelets
Ear Piercings - Glint - 2 Sliver Ring Piercings with Black Balls
Ear Piercings - Glint - 3 Black Ring Piercings with Silver Balls
Ear Piercings - Glint - 3 Silver Ring Piercings with Black Balls
Ear Piercings - Glint - 4 Straight Bar Piercings with Balls
Belly Piercings - Dressed By Lexi - All Summer Long Belly Piercing
Earrings - Birgit Mai's - Hoop A Silver 2

Hair Base - Adoness -  Shave -Bloom - Plumify
Hair - Adoness - Asteria - Plumify
Eyes - IKON - Sunrise - Azure
Eyebrows - eStyle - Quartz
Eye Shadow - Blacklace Beauty - Visage Drams Queen Eyes Only
Lipstick - WoW Skins - Tessa gloss - Plum
Hands - Slink - Elegant1
Body Tattoo - Bellydance Props Kawala - Mendhi Body Tattoo - Black
Shape - eStyle - Quartz - Modified
Skin - Akeruka - Blanca - Tan Cleavage Mk1

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