Sunday, August 30, 2015

Gothicus Fall by BamPu Legacies

Here she is, the latest in SL royalty Miss Sylvani Wasp Queen.  Our Queen's royal outfit Gothicus Fall was designed by BamPu Legacies.  Her royal crown is an open pumpkin adorned with autumn flowers, honeycomb net, gourds, and large wasp.  Her royal hooded cloak is made of flowing honeycomb net adorned with autumn leaves and closes with a large wasp clasp. Her royal form fitting strapless honeycomb net top is trimmed in autumn leaves.  For that added touch of class, there are flowing honeycomb net sleeves with frills of autumn flowers and leaves.  Her royal pants are a tiered rich chocolate suede with side cutouts and a crisscross belt. Hail to the Queen!   This outfit will be available starting September 1, 2015 - September 15, 2015 at Audace Sirens Autumn Harvest Event.

Style Card

Outfit -  BamPu Legacies - Gothicus Fall
Shoes - Caverna Obscura - Flower Vines Clogs

Hair -  Caverna Obscura - Sylvani Hair Bushy - Autumn
Eyes - IKON - Sunrise - Light Incan Gold
Lashes - Blacklace Beauty - Lashes 6 & 7
Lashes -  Caverna Obscura - Sylvani Leafy Lashes
Eyebrows - [eStyle] - Quartz
Ears -  Caverna Obscura - Sylvani Ears Leafy
Nails - Bamboo - So Orange
Skin -  Caverna Obscura - Sylvani Skin - Autumn Dark - Face B
Shape - [eStyle] - Quartz - modified

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